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My Mission

“Health workers have been helping patients their whole lives, it’s my mission to help those disillusioned find meaningful work to live fulfilling lives.”

Since graduating as a Physiotherapist (PT) in 2010, Allan Manuel has been fortunate to work with amazing tech companies and mentors that have allowed a transition out of PT. Allan is currently Regional Sales Manager for MINDBODY. Before this role he was Head of Sales for Blys – Australia’s Leading On-Demand Wellness Platform.   

Working as a health practitioner is an incredible honour that genuinely makes the world a better place. However, as a lifelong career path, working as a health professional can leave some disillusioned.


Working As A Health Practitioner isn’t for Everyone


Stagnant Wage Growth

Working in the clinic means your wages are dictated by how much patients are willing to pay. Compared to the legal and finance professions, your salary doesn’t increase exponentially as you become more experienced.


Lack Of Clear Career Path

Once you’ve graduated and earned the qualification, there can be a lack of clear career path as to how you will excel over the next 20-30 years in your profession.

Costs of Education

An undergraduate course can cost up to $100k and take decades to pay-off. While professional development is strongly advocated in health, there is no financial incentive to undertake post-graduate courses.  These can leave you out of pocket thousands of $$$.

Compassion Fatigue

Treating people in pain all day can eventually take a toll on your wellbeing.  Secondary traumatic stress can begin to accumulate over time. Compassion fatigue is cited as a major factor for health workers leaving the profession.


Lack of Scalability

There are only so many hours in the day, which means only so many patients you can see. This means you quickly approach the ceiling over how much impact you can make in the wider community.



Depending on your profession, state and sector – you may have limited autonomy over how you treat patients. This can be quite disheartening if you have amassed specialist knowledge over the years, only to be dictated to by others.


To become a health professional takes a huge amount of grit, intelligence and excellent communication skills. Without realising, you have been harnessing and developing an insane number of transferable skills. Instead of going back to university, or taking an entry-level job at a large corporation –  health professionals (if marketed properly) can leverage their current skills into new, high potential sales careers. 

Empathy in Abundance

  • Deeply caring about improving your patients well-being has harnessed your ability to truly understand others problems and needs.  The ability to emphathise is a crucial quality to possess in the business world (and life for that matter!). 

Strong Communication Skills 

When most of your day is spent educating clients face-to-face, you get good at communicating. Without knowing, you likely have the ability to distill complex health information, tailor your language to an individual’s personality and ask questions to better understand their needs. Possibly the most important skill in Sales.

Accustomed to Stressful Situations

Working in hospitals, sports fields, or even private practice can be a case of life and death. Your experience in health has taught you to deal effectively with stressful scenarios. The ability to cope with stress and even excel during difficult times is a major asset to any business.

Critical Thinking Skills

Each assessment you provide requires complex clinical reasoning to detect cues, uncover the diagnosis and provide the appropriate treatment. This ability helps you understand each patient’s problem, so each treatment can be tailored. Ability to solve complex problems and synthesise data – tick.  

What You’ll Get

An individualised game-plan that has potential for: 

   Greater financial gain

  Flexibility over your working environment 

 Working for companies with innovative products  

 Greater meaning and motivation

Learn how to leverage your health skills to kick-start your next sales career

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