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Allan Manuel

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What You’ll Get

Marketing Strategy

3-month Marketing Plan To Uncover The Most Profitable Channels

Learn The Optimal Positioning For Your Product

Complete Content Strategy For Each Part Of Your Buyer’s Journey

Social Media Marketing

Optimise Facebook Ads & See First-Hand The Power of Facebook

Leverage Existing Customer Data To Fuel Growth

Give You The Tools To Improve Engagement & Customer Satisfaction

Mobile Marketing

Improve Your App’s Ranking On Google Play/App Store

Provide Analytics & Tracking To Track Your Customers Mobile and Offline Journey

Optimise Contextual Offerings To Customers via Mobile

Email Marketing

Optimise Automated Email Workflows To Maximise Conversion

See The Power Of Email To Maximise Revenue From Existing Customers

Create Email Campaigns That Stay Out Of Spam/Promotions Filters

Mobile & Web Analytics

Provide Analytics To Track Your Customers Mobile and Offline Journey

Setup Attribution Systems To See Exactly Where Your Most Profitable Customers Are Coming From

A/B Test Web Pages and Landing Pages To Improve Conversion

Search Engine Marketing

Optimise Google Adwords Campaigns

Provide Clear Insight Into Your Competition’s Search Engine Strategy

Understand What Keywords Your Customers Are Using To Create Relevant Content

What I Stand For

Even with a great product or service, thousands of businesses never achieve their potential because of (well-intentioned) poorly executed marketing strategies. This doesn’t have to be the case. As a digital marketing consultant, I have helped individuals and businesses – from early-stage to mature startups, identify and engage on a deeper level with their target market.

Marketing in today’s social, mobile-centric world is no longer about simply promoting your product, blasting adverts and hoping for the best. To cut through the clutter -a data-driven approach to marketing, as well as an in-depth understanding of your customer, must be at the core of your product and business.


Allan Manuel has helped companies:

  • Identify early adopters & influencers and how to reach them
  • Run experiments and A/B test variations to build user engagement and retention
  • Understand which channels will provide the best ROI for your product
  • Use the latest analytic tools & SDKs to make sense of data and track user behaviour
  • Enhance targeting of mobile users and cross device usage
  • Optimise content type and delivery

I value simplicity and live by the mantra less but better

Over the past seven years, I have been fortunate to work with amazing companies that have allowed him to grow his skills as a startup digital marketing consultant. I am currently Founder of BondiEyes and Chief Marketing Officer at Topme.

I always aim to be approachable, and at the very least can help point you in the right direction. Get in touch with me below.

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Currently Based - Sydney, Australia

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